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We are trusted and reliable property dealer in Patna and across the country. Kindly make haste and take the advantage of discount offers. Our company offers charming and golden discount for the clients from time to time. If you are a resident of Bihar and want to purchase an apartment or if you are want to settle in Patna, please contact us. Dear friends! if you are searching for a good and beautiful home in Patna or any other city in Bihar, you have come to end of your search and also have come near to the realization of your dreams you have nurtured since childhood. Property in Patna is easy now to reach and purchase. Dear friends don't sway under the woo of cheaters and always choose a trusted and reliable company for the purpose.Our company has many schemes to provide offers and discounts. Scheme "A" gives 10% discount on full payment at a time. Scheme "B" offers interest free installments to buy a property.


Dear friends! Each and every person in the world has a dream and need of home to relax and reside. Everyone has a need of home to live and so do you. Please contact us to purchase flat, home or even plot in Patna and other location of Bihar. We provide many choice of mode of purchase like on full cash payment or on easy monthly installments. Our current price of plot in IIT Patna Bihta Location is 450,000 rupees for 1350 square fit. Presently we have three types of plots: One Katha, two Katha and four Katha. The company has two plan to sale the plot: plan "A" and plan "B". Plan "A" is for the clients who make full payment of the property at a time. And the plan "B" is for the clients who want to make the payment in installments.


Please go trough the whole page for guidance and information. If you want to purchase a plot in Patna, immediately call me on the mobile no. I am a legal and trusted land agent in Bihar, especially in Patna. When you contact me, I'll explain the whole process of buying a flat in Patna. Firstly on your request, the company will show you the land or project. Company give an appointment to client on a fixed date. The clients visits the locations and observe the apartment, plot or flat.when the property is liked by the client, the company requests the clients to purchase the land. If a client make full payment of the plot or apartment, the company gives receipt of payment and also gives an appointment. On appointment day the company register the property in the concerned registry office on government. If a client has low budget and can't pay the whole price at a time, then company gives an option to purchase the property in short installments. Depositing only 5% of the whole price of the property, the client can book the property. Upon the deposition of booking amount, the company will give money receipt immediately. Along with money receipt, agreement papers made on Rs.1000 non-judicial stamp paper will be given by company to clients. The agreement papers ensures that upon the maturity (completion of installments) of plan, the property will be registered on a specific day by the company to client with the concerned the registry office in the concerning district. The agreement papers also abounds in full terms and conditions in full details.

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