Affordable plots near Patna
Book a plot At Naubatpur on lowest price. This
project is near completion. Hurry up. 98% of land pieces are already booked. You have been left. Please visit our office at earliest.  We have many ranges of plot sizes like 1350 Sq Ft, 2700 Sq Ft, 5400 Sq Ft, and 8100 Sq Ft. Kindly purchase affordable plots in Plots near Patna and make a home of your dream. 

Description of the Project:

1. Location                      : Naubatpur, Patna (Bihar)
2. Rate                               : Rs. 500,000 per Katha (1350 Sq Ft)
3. Payment scheme           : Cash and interest free installments
4. Booking charge             :  Rs.  only
6. Installment Amount       : Rs.  only
7. No of installments         : 24 Monthly installment
8. Duration of Plan            : 2 Years

Please call or WhatsApp: 8825289435, 8789099877

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